New Year, New Pots » stoneware mugs with inlay

stoneware mugs

Stoneware mugs

2 Responses to “stoneware mugs with inlay”

  1. I love the texture and muted colors on your pieces. May I be so curious to ask how do you accomplish such a unique look?


    • Lorreta, It would take a while to describe all the steps involved… basically i’ve been building layers over the past few years that result in the current look. I can tell you that much of the muted color comes from heavy reduction in both gas and wood fired kilns. And the higher temps (cone 10) generally tend to produce muted colors as well. Otherwise I use multiple types of stoneware clays and porcelain (wet and dry), slips, stains, glazes, some raw (unmixed) materials and crushed glass! I hope this answers your question, thanks for checking out the work! – Tom

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