Art at 2402 Open Studio and Sale!

Thanks for visiting us at:

2402 University Ave. W. (Near 280 on University and Raymond)

 “We’ve Moved!” — In October 2008 I went from sharing space and taking classes as a way to have a home to actually having a home! My new studio is at 2402 University Blvd. St. Paul MN on the fourth floor. The space is small but nice and is right down the hall from the ever so famous Potter and Blues/Jazz Musician extraordinaire Chuck Solberg   (


past events (see you next year!):

Fire on the Greenway Fire on the Greenway! 5th Annual Spring Sale
Friday May 1st 4-10pm
Saturday May2nd 1-Late
– Kids Hour Saturday 5-6pm

~ by crackedclay on November 13, 2008.

One Response to “Art at 2402 Open Studio and Sale!”

  1. I would like to see pictures of your mugs.
    I am interested in buying one , green, faceted [?]

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