Artist Statement

Tom Abel - Minnesota Pottery Artist I have always been an artist but my life has taken me in many different directions… After several years in Art school, I entered the wonderful world of full time work. Creative thinking has helped me in all of my endeavors but my “work” has never completely fulfilled my need to express myself. In the spring of 2006 I took a class in pottery and have re-discovered clay and my passion for art…

When I’m learning something new I try the very thing I was told will never work first. This way I think I may find something new, or transform an issue that everyone tries to avoid into an attribute that is unique to my work. I like to look at other artists work for inspiration, but when it comes time to make something, I prefer to free form and experiment rather than stick to a set of plans.

I like things that are precise and smooth when other people make them, but I cannot bring myself to make something
smooth and precise. I think the work I do reflects what I see in the world around me, rocks, busted up concrete, buildings in decay, and people, who although bright on the inside, show a weathered exterior to most who pass them by…

Ultimately my goal is to make something you enjoy looking at, touching, or can use in some way in your life.

4 Responses to “Artist Statement”

  1. You have definately reached your goal with the visual aspect! After finding your site, I book marked it imediately. I am new to the world of clay and you are a wonderful inspiration. Thank you!!

  2. Love your work, the textures are brilliant. Have you ever tried using seaweed as a glaze and if so was it any good?

    • I have never used seaweed as a glaze. I would imagine it could make some cool marks in Raku or a pit fire though? I am a big fan of experimenting, you should try it! Thanks for the comment.

  3. I love your work. Your approach is right on.

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