Scenes from the studio

Hi I’m going to use this page to post images of the studio… Should be fun (I think) maybe you don’t often get a chance to see where the “stuff” comes from that people make? Well here’s where I make stuff… Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Scenes from the studio”

  1. I am a sculptor & art teacher in Rochester, NY and I wanted to know more about your process…are your pieces hand built? coil? slab? Also how do you acheive the textures on your pieces? are they rolled in pebbles and broken pottery while wet? pressed in during the making process? I’m not sure if this is a “secret” of yours or not but I’m a teacher and I can see some real sculprural possibilities in your process or a variation there of…If your willing to share some of your techniques with me and or my students it would be much appreciated…your work is very nice.

    Cody Kroll

    • Cody, thanks for asking! They are hand built with slabs… I am a little hesitant to describe the process in detail for several reasons… The first reason is I am already starting to apply the techniques to sculptural elements… here is a post from the other day concerning that: So at this time i would prefer to explore these things before passing them on (although i would love the opp to teach classes/seminars). I did describe my process a little on the site here …but the second reason why is… I think the students may benefit more by looking and attempting to achieve the “look” on their own, this would be much more of a challenge, they would most likely not make anything that was a copy, they would develop their own style along the way and they could discover a completely new process which someone else could attempt and come up with something else completely different, and so on and on… Ultimately i guess I’m a big fan of guessing! and of not knowing!

      This may not be the answer you were looking for but i hope it makes sense and i don’t come off as trying to hide something! Or that I’m not interested in teaching or of learning! I just don’t want it to be too easy, it wouldn’t be any fun that way… (imho)…
      thanks again, Tom

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